What's inside each template?

Templates include HTML5 files, JavaScripts, CSS3 stylesheets, and sources like SASS, PUG, etc. which will vary depending on the framework. It also includes the configuration files to install dependencies and the required ones for each supported framework.

What do I need to know to use your templates?

All templates also includes a documentation that presents the main features such as structure, usage, compilation and execution, etc. Anyway, it is preferable to have a basic knowledge of languages used for web development, frameworks and modern web technologies.

What software do I need to start working?

Any modern text editor like the next ones (in no particular order):

Are your templates fully functional?

Yes. All templates are ready to run and start working on them, and they are tested to offer the best development experience possible. Said that, if you have any question you can get in touch and ask help. If the request is out of reach, we will do our best to approach a solution.

How can I buy a template?

Premium templates are mainly sold via third party-marketplaces. Explore the templates page to 'Purchase' or 'Preview' them. The 'Purchase' button will redirect you to the item page in the corresponding marketplace.

Is there a trial version?

Unfortunately due to the nature of digital goods is not possible to offer the source code for demonstration nor a trial version. Inside the downloaded package you will find exactly the same files used to build live previews. Meaning, what you see is what you get (and more)


You can get in touch for any issue, bug report or question related with all templates in the following channels:


Licenses for Premium templates can be found on the Wrapbootstrap Licenses page.
Please check out the marketplace licenses for more information.